Artist Statement

Nostalgia has always been one of the main themes of my work. The voice of the past with a vivid memory are often reflected in both my drawings and paintings; remnants of an idolized time, one which I may have never lived. My work captures those moments in time while maintaining certain continuity to represent myself as, perhaps, a dreamer.

I often work in spontaneous moments, creating pieces based more on an emotional response than a well thought out execution. Much of my work begins with motion, combining the movement and relationship of shapes and colors, often preceded by the phase of looking for the subject matter in the mess. The subject is often found after a long time searching. It’s there where I find the most joy in being an artist; discovering the subject that ties it all together in both time and place. My approach is the same for most of my work, yet I always try new techniques that will keep a consistency throughout the composition. I pay close attention to the mood of a piece, its tones and focal points. Sometimes the subject matter is better off being more subtle. It often helps evoke a feeling of the past.

I will continue to create as I know best, and what I know as true. An artist can give nothing less. Observant, I am reminded that the times they are a changing. And when feeling the restlessness of the present, I can create something that brings me back to a simpler time; a time worth dreaming over.